UCCPlus Insurance

Insurance on personal property pledged as collateral for your loan.

With UCCPlus Insurance, you can be certain that all of the personal property pledged as collateral for your loan is covered by a first priority lien.

The UCCPlus Insurance Policy eliminates your risk relating to the validity, enforceability, attachment, perfection and priority of your security interest on personal property.

Covering collateral under Articles 8 and 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, a UCCPlus Policy insures against fraud, forgery, documentation defects, filing errors and financing statement inaccuracies.

A UCCPlus Policy includes a comprehensive review of your loan documents, searches and filings. The policy covers the “gap” period between the last search date and the date of perfection. The policy also includes the cost of defense in the event of a challenge to the security interest. Only UCCPlus:

  • specifically and clearly describes the personal property collateral being covered by the policy
  • waives the right to subrogation with respect to the insured's counsel within the policy

Just as the lending community relies on real estate title insurance, you can rely on UCCPlus Insurance to reduce risk in your loan portfolios.

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