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At Chicago Title Academy, we empower real estate professionals to excel in their field through online continuing legal education. Our mission is to provide accessible, high-quality courses designed to fulfill CLE credit requirements and to cover a spectrum of pertinent industry topics, ensuring our learners are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of real estate law with confidence and expertise.

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1031 Exchanges Real Property Applications (1 hour of General CLE Credit)

2023 Legislation Impacting Real Estate Update (1 hour of General CLE Credit)


Wire Fraud Alert


Realtors®, Real Estate Brokers, Buyers and Sellers are targets for wire fraud and many have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because they simply relied on the wire instructions received via email.

A hacker will break into a licensee’s email account to obtain information about upcoming real estate transactions. After monitoring the account to determine the likely timing of a close, the hacker will send an email to the buyer, posing either as the escrow agent or as the licensee. The fraudulent email will contain new wiring instructions or routing information, and will request that the Buyer send funds accordingly.

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