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Title Insurance

Real Property, Real Title Insurance

It Put Us on the Map; All Over It.

What it does.

Title Insurance provides you the assurance that possible clouds on title to the property you are purchasing have been called to your attention and that such defects can be corrected before you buy. Additionally, it is insurance that if any undiscovered claims covered by your policy arise out of the past to threaten your ownership of real estate, it will be disposed of, or you will be reimbursed exactly as your title insurance policy provides.

Title Insurance
How to get it.

Rely on Chicago Title - North Carolina to protect your investment. Whether this is your first home or fiftieth real estate investment, ask your realtor or broker and closing attorney to protect you and your property with a title insurance policy issued by Chicago Title - North Carolina.

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View copies of Commitment and Policy Forms below.

Access Chicago Title Insurance Company - ALTA Commitment Form (08-01-16) (PDF)

Access Chicago Title Insurance Company - ALTA Owner’s Policy (6-17-06) (PDF)

Access Chicago Title Insurance Company - ALTA Loan Policy (6-17-06) (PDF)


Sensitivity, Flexibility, Creativity

How it works.

Attorneys and real estate principals have long considered Chicago Title the perfect place to deposit client funds related to real estate transactions. Escrow services commonly provided by Chicago Title - North Carolina include holding and disbursing of funds and/or documents for commercial closings in accordance with the settlement statement and escrow instructions, holding earnest money prior to closing, and holding funds in order to insure over a title defect.


Special Projects

Arduous Task, That's Our Specialty

Our services extend beyond just title insurance.

How it works.

Our Chicago Title - North Carolina offices are part of a nationwide network of offices providing title and escrow services. Ranging from the simplest to most complex business deal, we can coordinate and manage your single site, multi-site or multi-state transaction anywhere in the United States.

1031 Property Exchange

Proven Exchange Solutions

Your strategic partner in tax deferred exchanges

1031 Property Exchange
How it works.

A tax deferred exchange is a simple strategy that involves "exchanging" one "like kind" property for another for a tax deferred gain treatment. We provide best-in-class Qualified Intermediary services through IPX for the proper acquisition and relinquishment of properties according to section 1031 of the IRC. Let our team of specialists help you with your next property exchange.
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UCCPlus Insurance

Article 8 & 9 Collateral Insurance

UCCPlus Insurance
How it works.

UCCPlus is title insurance tailored to protect commercial lender's security interest in non-real estate collateral, including: mezzanine financing, asset-based loans, mixed collateral transactions, loan workouts, portfolios and securitizations, and mergers and acquisitions.
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